Asadullah Khalid announced offensive position for Afghan military forces

December 29, 2018

Kabul- Assadullah Khalid, a former NDS Chief and Minister for Borders and Tribal Affairs, who has recently assumed the charge as acting minister of defense has announced offensive position for the Afghan military force, saying, “No more defensive position against the enemies of Afghanistan”.

Speaking at his introduction ceremony held at the Ministry of Defense, the newly appointed defense Minister said that all Afghan military troops including the special forces would enter into counter-terrorism operations cross the country.

“We must get into the militants’ hideouts; we must come out of defense mode and take actions by ourselves,” Asadullah Khalid said.

Describing the Afghan military as owners and decision makers of the country, he urged the forces to be “ruthless and cruel” against the enemy.

Moreover, Khalid pledged further reforms to be introduced in the Ministry of Defense.

Highlighting the importance of merit, he said he will end the quota system in the recruitment process for the National Army.

The ceremony was also attended by the National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib who said, “War management and suppressing the armed oppositions including the Taliban are the government’s top priority”.

All it happens at a time, when the US Envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad efforts for a negotiated peace with the Taliban are underway.

The Afghan government — which has felt marginalized in the process — is eager to show that it can sustain military pressure, strengthening its position in peace talks.

President Ashraf Ghani decision of appointing Amrullah Salih as Interior Minister and Asadullah Khalid as Defense Minister has widely welcomed by the Afghans, with an aim to bring productive changes in all sectors and walks of life, related to their ministries.

Despite all it, the Afghan government and the US led international community is in dire need to strengthen their position and mutual cooperation against the state sponsored terrorism and the terror sponsor states.

Considering the ground realities, Pakistan has yet to change its Afghan Course and, it still serves as a sheltering and breeding country for various terrorist groups, including the notorious Haqqani network.

To meet the aspirations of the hour, further administrative changes could be recommended for the Afghan government and, true patriotic and visionary Afghan nationalist forces should be given a chance to fight and advocate the Afghan Case.


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