Afghan High Peace Council Announces Structural Changes

January 18, 2019

Kabul- The High Peace Council has announced fundamental changes in its structure at a time when peace talks led the US are escalated to reach a negotiated settlement and put an end to war in Afghanistan.

Citing the recent developments in the peace process, Atta-ur-Rahman Saleem, the deputy head of HPC said, “The structure of HPC will be shortened”.

“It has been decided that we should work on a new structure for The restructuring of High Peace Council with a disciplined team and different objectives could deal with the current situation, HPC official added.

The official noted that the council has finalized the draft of the new structure and that expected to announce the plan on Saturday, January 19.

The High Peace Council was established by former President Hamid Karzai on September 2010, to negotiate with elements of the Taliban. However, the work of the non-state organization has been apparently undermined after the government has formed a negotiating team and an advisory board for peace on December, last year.

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