17 Policemen Killed In ‘Friendly Fire’ Airstrike In Helmand

Almost eight police force members lost their lives in a friendly fire airstrike in Nahr-e-Saraj district in the southern Helmand province, a source confirmed.

Lieutenant Gran Habib, Commander of 601 Highway, was also among those who lost their lives in the airstrike, the source said.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs in a statement confirmed the casualties but said an investigation has been carried out to find out whether it was due to a friendly airstrike or due to the clashes with the Taliban.

At least 11 other policemen were wounded in the clashes, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, Attaullah Afghan, head of Helmand Provincial Council, said that at least 17 policemen were killed in the airstrike which was carried by the Coalition Forces “by mistake”.

The airstrike was carried out by the Resolute Support forces who were asked by their Afghan counterparts to help them in the clash against the Taliban, the ministry said.

The ministry said Taliban has also suffered heavy losses in the clashes.

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