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Two suspects of Herat bombings detained

- October 14, 2018

Kabul- Afghan security forces on Sunday have arrested two suspects in connection with two bombings in western Herat province, local officials said.

NATO not interferes in Afghanistan Parliamentary polls

- October 14, 2018

Kabul- The Resolute Support (RS) has announced to remain impartial in the upcoming parliamentary polls in Afghanistan to be held on October 20, the spokesman for NATO’s Resolute Support missi..

Afghanistan: An Afghan’s solution

- October 14, 2018

By: Faheem Nazimi

Afghanistan series: Trade as the key to the survival and prosperity of Afghanistan.
In this closely argued piece, Faheem Nazimi investigates the true causes of his co..

The Cure for Radical Islam Is Nationalism

- October 14, 2018

By: Lawrence Sellin

For too long, many presumed experts have attempted to solve the problem of radical Islam by dissecting religious texts or recommending the support of so-called “moderat..