229,000 People Register To Vote As ‘Reinforcement’ Stage Ends

Figures by the Independent Election Commission indicate that more than 229,000 people registered to vote in the reinforcement registration process for the upcoming presidential elections which continued for 21 days from June 8-29.

The figures who that almost 138,000 registered to vote during the process.

The process will continue for one more week in the central province of Ghazni in order to make sure that no one is deprived of voting in the insecure part of the country.

It was a reinforcement for the previous voter registration process held last year in July ahead of the October parliamentary elections in which nine million people registered to vote, including three million women.

The head of the IEC secretariat, Habib-Ur-Rahman Nang described the process successful.

“Overall, the process was good. Threats were low, but some election materials were burnt in Badghis province after an attack by armed men… Two other incidents happened in Logar and Ghazni. But overall, the problems and incidents were low. We thank the security forces for better management of the security of the process,” he said.

The presidential elections are scheduled for September 28.

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