37 militants killed in latest operations of Afghan Special Forces and in airstrikes

At least 37 militants were killed in the latest operations of the Afghan Special Forces and airstrikes which were conducted in five provinces of the country.

Informed military sources said Monday that 9 Taliban fighters were killed in an airstrike in Tarinkot city of Uruzgan province.

The sources further added that 9 more militants were killed in separate operations of the Afghan Special Forces and an airstrike which were conducted Paktika province.

The Afghan Special Forces also conducted two separate operations in Ghazni province leaving at least 11 militants dead while 3 more were detained, the sources said.

An airstrike in Shayb Koh district of Farah province killed 3 Taliban fighters, the sources said, adding that the 217th Corps conducted an operation in Burkha district of Baghlan province killing 5 Taliban fighters.

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