41 militants killed in Afghan Special Forces operations, airstrikes: sources

At least 41 Taliban militants were killed and 13 others including a leader of the group were arrested in latest counter-terrorism operations.

Informed military sources said Saturday that 15 Taliban militants were killed during the operations of the Afghan Special Forces in Deh Yak and Zanakhan districts of Ghazni province.

The sources further added a strike near the Borka District of Baghlan province killed 19 Taliban fighters.

“An Afghan Special Force raid in Garm Sir District of Helmand to disrupt Taliban offensive operations, resulted in 7 Taliban fighter killed, multiple weapons, explosives and IED’s destroyed. Additionally, 209kg of opium was destroyed,” the sources said.

The military sources also added that a clearing operation by the Afghan National Army 203rd Corps in Sperah district of Khost province resulted into the capture of 1 Taliban leader while 3 Taliban fighters and 9 persons of interest were also arrested.

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