Absolute Majority Of Afghans Want Peace: Abdullah

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah who addressed the inauguration ceremony the Crans Montana 2019 30th Annual Session in Geneva on Thursday said that the war has continued in Afghanistan for the past four decades and that an absolute majority of Afghans are demanding peace.

“The absolute majority of the people support just endurable peace but unfortunately the war is being imposed on us,” he said.

Abdullah said that a fair election will help to strengthen stability in Afghanistan.

“We hope that we have good elections and free and fair elections because we think that it will contribute to stability in our country and to the strengthening of our institutions,” he said.

He thanked the international community for its efforts in Afghanistan and said that the country has the potential to contribute to the wellbeing of other parts of the world.

“Millions of younger generation, Afghans, boys and girls, have received education… Afghanistan has the potential to contribute not only to the wellbeing of its own people but to the region as well. Potentially, it is a rich country,” he said.

Abdullah concluded that security requires mutual respect and that trust and loyalty between nations.

His remarks come as NATO just wrapped up the defense ministers meeting where the head of the alliance, Jens Stoltenberg said there is a unique opportunity for peace in Afghanistan.

He said that the alliance and all its partners and members are strongly supporting the peace efforts in Afghanistan.

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