Afghan Cabinet Meeting Stresses meaningful Security Plan

December 29, 2018

Kabul- President Ashraf Ghani, while presiding over a meeting of the cabinet members, the other day, directed interior and finance ministries to evolve and execute a clear security plan for the government foundations.

Speaking to the meeting at the Presidential Palace, the country’s President strongly condemned Monday’s attack on the ministry of disabled and martyrs support agency and the ministry of public works, and extended his deep condolence to those lost their lives in the deadly incident.

Terming the terrorist attacks against all human and Islamic values, President Ghani said, “Though the Taliban had not still claimed responsibility for the attack, but they are responsible before the nation.”

The President tasked the ministries of interior and finance with evolving a comprehensive security plan for government institutions in cooperation with other ministries and department, in order to prevent such incidents in future.

President Ghani, about Jadi 6, the day when the former Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan, said it was the beginning of deprivation, poverty, migration and destruction of the people of Afghanistan and elimination of the national and Islamic values of the country.

After four decades of war and destruction, the Afghans needed national unity and cooperation more than ever, issues related to the amended drafts of the ministry of justice, bill of the law training national center legislation, regulation bill job regulation within the ministry of justice and may other related drafts have been discussed at the cabinet meeting, some of them principally approved.

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