Afghan Delegation’s Trip To Doha Postponed

The Afghan delegation’s trip to Doha, Qatar, for talks with the Taliban was delayed for issues around the 250-member team’s formation, sources confirmed. 

The delegation was expected to leave Kabul for Doha on Thursday.

This comes a day after, President Ashraf Ghani met with members of the delegation who will hold a meeting with the Taliban in Qatar on April 20.

Ghani said the Afghan delegation which is preparing to hold discussion with the Taliban in Doha is carrying an important mission which is a dignified peace within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Ghani stated that to achieve dignified and sustainable peace in the country, there is a need for unity, solidarity, and consensus among the people of Afghanistan.

He said no Afghan from any layer of the society has not been left unharmed from the 40 years of the war imposed on the Afghans.

Ghani said the Taliban should realize the fact that the group has no way except to engage in talks with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The list of the delegation was announced by the government on Tuesday, April 15.

The list, however, has been criticized by some parties for not being inclusive.

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