Afghan Envoy In UK Receives Best Diplomat Award

Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the UK, Said Tayeb Jawad, received the 2019 Diplomat of the year award from Asia and Oceania by his diplomat peers, said Afghanistan Embassy in UK on Tuesday. 

The award was received Jawad’s wife Shamim Jawad on his behalf.

“My husband was very sorry for not being here, so I would like on his behalf to thank the diplomat magazine and all his colleagues and he is honored and privileged for receiving this award,” she said.

Meanwhile, Said Hashmat Sarwar, media director of the embassy, said that Jawad received the award because of his efforts in expanding Afghanistan’s relations with the UK.

“For the first time, Said Taib Jawad the Afghan ambassador in UK received the 2019 Diplomat of the year from Asia and Oceania award for his achievements in expanding Afghanistan and’s relationship with UK,” said Sarwar.

According to Sarwar, last year, the award was presented to the Japan ambassador in UK.

Diplomat magazine announces annual diploma award for Asia and Pacific in London every year.

This award is bestowed upon diplomats and ambassadors from Asia and Pacific in Britain to praise the accomplishments and achievements of receivers.

Jawad previously worked as the Afghan ambassador for USA, Brazil, Columbia, Argentine and Mexico.

He also served as former President Karzai’s Press Secretary, Chief of Staff and Director of the Office of International Relations.

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