Afghan Forces Will Retake All Fallen Areas: Khalid

Acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid who visited southern Zabul province on Wednesday said that those parts of the country which have fallen to the Taliban will be retaken by Afghan forces in the near future as they have stepped up their operations against the militants.

Khalid said the Taliban did not have any achievement in their spring offensive.

“From the beginning of Al-Fatah operation (Taliban’s spring offensive), they (Taliban) had planned to capture three provinces… So far, no district has fallen to militants,” Khalid said.

“So far, we have retaken control of one of the fallen districts and will retake other parts of the country in the near future,” he added.

Late last month, the Afghan security forces retook control of Deh Yak district in central Ghazni province which was under Taliban influence for nearly two years.

In this visit, Khalid assured Zabul residents that the Afghan forces have the ability to maintain and defend their outposts.

Tribal elders in Zabul province said they are concerned about the Taliban’s presence in the province.

“Taliban with support of ISI (Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence) is trying to take control of parts of Zabul. We want your attention and Zabul needs your attention,” said Ghazni Mohammad Zargi, a tribal elder from Zabul.

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