Afghan Girl Makes Smart Voting Device For Presidential Election

Shabnam Meer, 24, an Afghan girl who is the alumna of psychology, has made a smart voting device that can help having a transparent and fair election.

The device took six months to be made.

Shabnam says that this device can prevent frauds in the election by saving the clean votes directly in the Independent Election Commission (IEC)’s server.

The smart voting device provides the facility to know the result of the election at the end of the polling day, Shabnam says.

“The device automatically sends the votes to the IEC; hereby, the commission can announce the preliminary result at the end of the polling day and the final result in the following day,” says Shabnam.

How does the device work?

According to Shabnam, each voting sheet has a barcode to prevent any fraud.

After recognizing the voter’s identity by using the biometric system, one more barcode will be stacked to the sheet, adds Shabnam.

She further says that the data on the voting sheet will be scanned by the two laser eyes once the sheet is put in the device.

All the data of the device can be sent out directly to the server of IEC from the polling station without the need to the internet, adds Shabnam

Shabnam says “the device uses receivers on it for the GSM sim-cards, which has the GPRS function in all over Afghanistan, for sending the votes to IEC”.

In addition to these all, Shabnam has used Closed Circuit TVs (CCTVs) in the polling station; one for capturing the voter’s image and the second for recording the entire voting process.

According to Shabnam, the CCTVs are connected to smartphones to monitor the polling station during the process.

This device is made in such a way that can work in the areas without electricity using solar power.

This comes as the IEC announced on Thursday that no biometric system will be used in the upcoming presidential election.

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