Afghan Women Face Rising Violence; 2,700 Cases Assessed In One Year

The Prosecution Office for Fighting Violence against Women has assessed more than 2,700 cases of violence against women in the country over the past one year, an official of the authority said, adding that the process will be expedited to address a recent sexual assault on a nurse in Samangan province.  

According to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, corruption within the institution has been hindering efforts to probe cases of those accused of committing violence against women.

Based on statistics by the ministry , at least 15 cases of violence against women were registered in the country during the current spring with some of the cases quite horrible in its nature including a gang rape of a nurse in Samangan province, the murder of former journalist Meena Mangal, the murder of a pregnant woman by dropping her from a high-story building in Kabul, two kangaroo courts and selling of two girls under the pretext of marriage.

“In the lower levels, the attorneys, the police, the employees and overall I must say that they are committing corruption and making problems on the way of the cases,” said deputy minister of women’s affairs  Spozhmai Wardak.

“From amongst nine criminals who committed gang rape, four of them are children and their cases have been referred to the attorney which undertakes violations by the children,” said Sina Shina Mansour, deputy head of The Prosecution Office for Fighting Violence against Women.

Women’s Affairs Ministry officials claim that they have established 3,200 women counseling centers across the country and most of the cases were registered in these centers.

MoWA said that Sar-e-Pul province is on top of the list where more cases of violence were recorded.

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