Afghanistan Seeks ICS Membership To Boost Trade

Officials from Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) on Monday said that Afghanistan is facing serious difficulties in the establishment of shipping companies in Chabahar Port as the country does not have the membership of International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). 

ACCI officials stated that meanwhile, the issues around transactions and high guarantees haven’t been resolved.

Afghanistan exported its first shipment through Chabahar Port three months ago.

Currently, goods from Afghanistan are being transferred on vehicles and trucks to Chabahar Port and then the Indian ships transfer them to the Indian markets.

Afghan traders and businessmen community have been calling for the establishment of shipping route for a year.

“The private sector in Afghanistan, especially Afghanistan chamber of investment were ready to purchase the ships, but the issue is that Afghanistan so far has not achieved membership of the international chamber of shipping,” said Jan Aqa Naweed, ACCI spokesman.

Officials from the Ministry of Transport said that Afghanistan has submitted its request for getting ICS membership.

“The International Chamber of Shipping has warmly welcomed the recommendation made by Afghanistan. At the moment, some Indian and Iranian companies are in contact with the Afghan businessmen. We convened several meetings regarding the issue and evaluated that how we can conduct joint investments on it like join ventures regarding the Afghan shipping route,” said Imam Mohammad Warimach, deputy minister of transport.

This comes at a time that the Afghan traders are preparing to send the second shipment of products to the Indian markets via Chabahar Port.

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