Civilian houses torched in Bolan military operation

Multiple houses “belonging to civilians” have been torched in military operation in Bolan, that started on 27th December.

According to local sources, multiple houses have been torched allegedly by personnel of Pakistani military in Bolan. One of the houses belongs to Qadir Baksh Sumalani, a local farmer.

Different areas in Bolan continue to be under the “siege” of security forces, who increased their presence in the area after they were attacked by a Baloch armed outfit on 26th December. Gunship helicopters have been witnessed shelling different mountainous areas, however, details of any losses are yet to be ascertained due to weak communication system in the region.

So far several civilians have been taken away by personnel of Pakistani security forces and their whereabouts remain unknown. TBP has obtained identities of at least 15 of these detainees, who are either local farmers or livestock owners.

Yesterday, the forces also set ablaze the vast forests of Gharbug and Sujawal. The authorities have claimed the armed assailants hide in these forests after targeting Pakistani military.

Baloch activists and human rights organisations allege that civilians are targeted by Pakistani forces whenever they are attacked by Baloch armed groups. They term the practice as “collective punishment”.

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