Efforts Underway To Boost Investment In Transportation Sector

Efforts have been expedited to provide required facilities to private companies to attract more investment in transportation sector, the deputy minister of transportation Imam Mohammad Warimach said. 

He said that besides strengthening transit relations with countries in the region, efforts will be expedited to boost the capacity of transportation companies in Afghanistan.

According to the Ministry of Transport, there are 255 transportation and cargo companies in the country which have invested “hundreds of millions of dollars” in this sector. Only 11 of these companies have received the permit licenses to transport goods outside the country.

“We need to build a good capacity. We have all types of agreements, including bilateral, trilateral and multilateral with regional countries and the world, but we cannot meet their standards due to lack of capacity,” Warimach told on Friday.

Inverters in transportation sector said that insecurity and lack of infrastructures are main challenges on the way of investment in this sector.

“I have already vowed to import at least 2,500 buses to operate in Kabul if government boosts its contribution to the transportation sector,” said Mohammad Yusuf Mohmand, head of a private transportation company.

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