End Of War A ‘Dream’ Without Taliban Involving Afghan Government: Dr. Abdullah

January 10, 2019,

Kabul- Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has said on Wednesday that the Taliban’s refusal to involve the government in peace talks means the end to a conflict that has lasted 17 years can only remain a dream.

Abdullah’s remarks came a day after the Taliban called off a fourth round of talks with U.S. officials in Qatar, due to start this week, over disagreements about the involvement of Afghan officials, a possible ceasefire and prisoner exchange.

Efforts for a negotiated settlement have gathered pace in recent weeks, even as reports that U.S. President Donald Trump plans to withdraw thousands of U.S. troops triggered uncertainty.

Speaking to a gathering to mark the 15th anniversary of the country’s constitution the CEO said, “In any peace deal in which the rights of our citizens, that have been gained with a lot of sacrifices, are not respected, the deal is a dream and will never happen”.

“Today the talk about the withdrawal of foreign forces is an excuse for continuation of war and gaining more opportunities.”

We haven’t seen any change in the Taliban so far and that country that supports them, has not unfortunately changed its policies toward us either, said Abdullah, referring to neighboring Pakistan which Kabul shelters and harbors Taliban and other terrorist groups.


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