England Win Cricket World Cup

England won the ICC World Cup 2019 on Sunday night after beating New Zealand in the super over.

New Zealand started batting after wining the toss and scored 241. England leveled the score and both sides need to go to Super Over.

The two sides were then required to bat a single Super Over each. And both scored 15 runs — another tie after more than eight hours of playing.

But England won the match because they had scored more boundaries over the course of the match.

That was a Super Over for the first time in World Cup history. This time Ben Stokes – England’s hero in their actual innings – set New Zealand 16 runs to win.

New Zealand managed 15 with Martin Guptill bunting the ball to deep mid-wicket, but the opener could not come back for the second before England wicket-keeper Jos Buttler clipped off the bails.

Although the Super Over also remarkably finished in a tie, it was enough for England and the majority of the 30 000-strong crowd to break out into delirium as New Zealand had struck less boundaries in their earlier 241/8.

For England, it was their first World Cup final in 27 years.

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