Gen. Murad Resignation Was Not a Wise Decision

January 17, 2019

Kabul- General Murad Ali Murad, the Commander of Kabul Garrison resigned from his position on Wednesday.

Speaking at his farewell ceremony, Gen. Murad said “injustice” is the main reason behind his decision to quit.

However, sources revealed that Gen. Murad has stepped down in a bid to join the former NDS chief, Rahmatullah Nabil’s ticket in the upcoming presidential election.

Moreover, several other government officials have also resigned  to take part in Presidential Election scheduled in 2019.

Afghanistan’s presidential election has announced to be held on July 20. It was originally scheduled for April 20, but later it was delayed after problems raised in using a biometric system and finalizing results of Afghan parliamentary elections.

On the other hand, President Ashraf Ghani’s second vice president, Sarwar Danish the other day lambasted the independent election commission for its weaknesses and caused to bring the government’s credibility into questions.

The vice president pledged to introduce new reforms in the election commission to answer the problems.

According to pundits, the resignation of Gen. Murad was not a wise decision, whether it is based on injustices within the system or his aspirations for politics. Afghanistan has been confronting state sponsored terrorism and bearing the brunt of highest level of sacrifices during the ongoing war on terror.

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have to keep lodge of their forefathers and stay always patriotic and committed to Afghanistan to pull it out of the heart-wrenching situations and state terrorism, posed by the hostile neighborhood. The ANDSF have to chase and defeat terrorists and all other enemies across the country’s mountains and valleys, rather to leave its ranks for the sake of anarchy, status-quo and greedy political aspirations.

The country’s national interests have to be preferred and the military institutions of the war-devastated country must be founded on patriotism and discipline.

However, the civil government of Afghanistan and the international community should provide all the personnel of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces with double increase in their monthly salaries, build specific residential colonies for them with schools and hospitals for their families to share their problems and boost up their morality.

Moreover, teaching them the map of Loye Afghanistan could be one among the factors to pave a way forward to answer various ethnic issues.

Once the civil and military institutions of a country were founded on Unity, Discipline and Patriotism, the entire nation could be united, disciplined and patriotic.

According to experiments, bad habits adopted by the government officials and bad norms in institutions is moulding the entire nation, with the exception of few in the same format.

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