Germany reiterates support to Afghan-led Peace Process

January 25, 2019

Kabul- In a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani held in Switzerland, Germany’s Defense Minister has reaffirmed her country’s support to the Afghan-led Peace and reconciliation process, a statement said Thursday.

The meeting was held in Davos on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

The Presidential Palace in a statement said the Germany’s Defense Minister hailed Afghan security forces patriotism and their fight against  state sponsored terrorism and acknowledged their bravery, capacity and effectiveness which she said reflected the strong political and military leadership of Afghanistan.

Reiterating her country’s support for the Afghan peace process, Leyen offered Germany’s continued support to the Afghan security forces in the areas of training and capacity building.

President Ghani admired Berlin’s support to Afghan security forces and said stability in Afghanistan would help implement mega economic projects in his country.

President Ghani valued the role of European countries in advancing the Afghan peace process and commended their continued support in various walks of life .

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