Ghani Inaugurates Parliament

President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the 17th legislative term of the Afghan parliament – the Wolesi Jirga – on Friday at a time that the final results of five provinces, including Kabul, have not been announced so far. 

Based on the law, the parliament should have been inaugurated last year in March, but it was delayed due to “controversies” around the October parliamentary elections.

Addressing the ceremony, Ghani said that the majority of the new members of the parliament are from the young generation who will protect women’s rights, human rights and other rights of Afghans.

He added that the government did not have any role in the delay in parliament inauguration.

Ghani said a deadline should be set for the announcement of final results of Kabul in the parliamentary elections.

The current challenges in Afghanistan are due to the imposed war in the country which has been fueled by “direct foreign support” of the Taliban, Ghani said.
Ghani said the so-called Al-Fatha offensive by the Taliban has been a “failed” attempt.

He added that Afghanistan is no longer dependent on one country in terms of trade and transit and that the Afghan government is in favor of connectivity.

Ghani said he remains as President of Afghanistan until the upcoming presidential elections — scheduled for September 28.

He mentioned that the key to peace lies is in unity among Afghans, in women’s participation and in the courage of the Afghan forces and that the Republic system will continue.

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