Govt Inches Closer To Finalizing Qatar Delegation

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah’s Office on Monday said the government is expected to finalize the list of the delegation which will attend the Doha meeting later this week.

The 150-member delegation will also comprise dozens of women, officials said. The meeting is scheduled for April

The Afghan government expects that the upcoming meeting in Doha will pave the way for face-to-face talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

“The lists are expected to be finalized today (Monday) and they will be dispatched. The list will also determine the delegation which will participate in the Qatar meeting,” said Hashmat Radfar, an advisor to Abdullah.

Critics said they are concerned about possible differences in the views of the participants.

“When 200 people are going to Qatar, what topic they will be discussed there? Every person wants to express their own ideas, while the opposite side will have a single voice and a single delegation,” said Ahmad Wali Massoud, a presidential candidate.

Although the list of Qatar peace delegation has not been disclosed, but Afghans from various layers of the society said that the team should be inclusive so that it can reflect the genuine voice of the Afghan people.

“The delegation should be able to represent both the Afghan government and the political parties,” said Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, the deputy speaker of Meshrano Jirga, the Upper House of the Parliament.

“It (the delegation) should be able to engage in negotiations with the Taliban for finding a settlement to the Afghan conflict,” he added.

Sources familiar with the talks, meanwhile, said that the Taliban this time will participate in the talks with 25 members.

Previously, the group clarified that no one will represent the Afghan government in the talks and that the meeting is only a platform to exchange views on the ongoing situation in the country.

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