Herat Student Tops University Entrance Exam

The Ministry of Higher Education on Wednesday announced the results of the university entrance exam in which 189,000 school graduates attended and 147,000 of them succeeded to be enrolled in universities and other higher education institutions.

Ahmad Rashid, a resident of Herat, topped the exam by getting 350.2 scores and succeeded to be enrolled in Medical Faculty of Herat University.

He was followed by Sayed Hussain, a resident of Ghazni, by getting 346 scores and made his way to Kabul Medical University.

Qasim Ali, a resident of Kabul, stood in the third position by getting 345 scores. He will be enrolled in the Faculty of Economy at Kabul University.

“I worked very hard to get a good score in the exam. I urge the government and the Higher Education Ministry to award me a scholarship,” Ali.

Ali’s mother said he was supported by his brothers.

“We call on the government to send Qasim Ali to a better university out of the country,” said Zahra, Ali’s mother.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education, new classes will begin next month.

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