Iran Designates US CENTCOM As A ‘Terrorist Organization’

In a reciprocal move, the Iranian Supreme National Security Council has denounced the US government as a ‘supporter of terrorism’ and has designated the US forces in west Asia or the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) as a terrorist organization.

This comes a day after US designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, some Iranian media outlets who support government’s policies have described the three US service members and one contractors who were killed in a suicide attack in north of Afghan capital Kabul as terrorists.

“Three US army terrorists and a civilian contractor were killed in the explosion of an improvised explosive device near Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan,” Iranian Fars News Agency wrote, referring to last night’s attack in Bagram.

A number of military experts have warned that fresh escalation of tensions between the two longtime enemies will have repercussions on the situations in Afghanistan, particularly on the Afghanistan’s fragile security situation.

“Iranians could affect United States interests inside Afghanistan,” said Abdul Qadir Kamil, a political analyst.

The IRGC is also blamed for sending thousands of Afghan refugees in the ranks of the Fatemiyoun Brigade to fight Daesh alongside Syrian government forces.

“Iran cannot support them unless it brings the Fatimeyoun group in Afghanistan and continue intereferring in Afghanistan’s internal affairs alongside that,” said military analyst Atiqullah Amarkhail.

“War could intensify and Iran could harm Afghanistan’s internal stability, interests and security,” said Fazl Rahman Orya, political analyst

Iran is also blamed for interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. Last December, police in Ghazni discovered Iranian weapons in the province.

“These disagreements itself create problems, the more the situations become turbulent, the most our people are harmed from it,” said Noor Ahmad Haidari,

But, Iran has also denied of interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

“Washington’s move “reveals the depth of [its] failure in the region, its enmity towards the Islamic Revolution and the revolutionary people of Iran as well as its support for Takfiri (term used for Daesh) and terrorist groups,” which have taken a stinging blow from the IRGC,” Press TV reported quoting Iranian defense minister Amir Hatami as saying.

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