Khalilzad hails Turkey’s support to Afghan peace process

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation said he held talks with Turkish President’s Chief Advisor in Washington, and spurned reports of being in Doha and begun sixth round of talks with Taliban members there.

After concluding fifth round of talks with Taliban in Qata, Khalilzad and Taliban members claimed progress in the talks. The sixth round of discussions with Taliban is not clear yet, but Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that negotiations between them took place on Monday.

However, Khalilzad through his twitter account rejected the reports, saying, “Don’t believe reports that I’m in Doha. I’m enjoying a windy spring day in DC.”

He tweeted: “Good to see the Turkish President’s Chief Advisor in Washington today (Tuesday). Appreciate Turkey’s commitment to Afghanistan. Turkey’s willingness to support the Afghan peace process is welcome.”

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