Massive military operation underway in various areas of Bolan

Pakistani military, aided with gunship helicopters, has launched a massive military operation in various areas of Bolan.

The operation commenced after Pakistani forces were targeted twice within a span of 24 hours in Jhalawan Thankk area of Bolan. After attacking and capturing outposts on Saturday, unknown assailants targeted personnel carriers’ convoy of Pakistani military with an IED in the area on Sunday. The Pakistani military is now using aerial support to comb the area.

According to locals, the gunship helicopters have been spotted in mountainous areas of Jhambaro, Thalaang and Kamaan, whereas, fresh troops have been seen arriving at Harnai military camps.

Pakistani forces have also been firing numerous mortar rounds in Jhalawan, Panki, Loni, Mezhdari and surroundings before advancing in the area. However, so far TBP has received no reports of causalities.

Earlier on Saturday, outposts of Pakistani forces came under an intense multipronged attack that lasted for several hours, resulting in the assailants capturing the outposts. BLA claimed responsibility for the attack and said they have killed 11 Pakistani military personnel and injured several others. The spokesperson of Pakistani military on the other hand confirmed the attack and said 7 personnel and 2 guards were killed in the attack.

Yesterday, the backup troops of Pakistani military were targeted with an IED causing further causalities. BLA again claimed it was behind the attack and said two Pakistani military personnel were killed and several including a captain were injured. Pakistani military also confirmed the second attack but maintained that 7 personnel including a captain were injured but no one was killed.

The brazen attacks only less than 100 kms from provincial capital Quetta have caused a stir and several Pakistani government officials including Pakistani PM Imran Khan, interior minister Sheikh Rasheed and others have condemned the attacks.

Former provincial interior minister, Sarfaraz Bugti, had yesterday demanded that air force be used in the region to “hunt down these terrorists and their facilitators” in the area.

BLA in a media statement had said on Saturday: “the uncivilised occupying forces have been completely defeated by Baloch freedom fighters on all fronts. Therefore, they have resorted to violence on innocent civilians, particularly women and children, and non-combatant political workers. Now their cunning acts are not limited to Balochistan and they have begun targeting Baloch refugees and journalists in foreign countries too.”

It had also warned that the group has “full capability of starting a similar war in Punjab that the enemy is trying to impose on Baloch nation in Balochistan and other countries.”

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