Member of Pakistan parliament says he is ‘Afghan’

A member of Pakistan parliament has sparked a heated debate on social media after calling himself Afghan.

The MP is Mohsin Dawar, who is also a prominent leader of Pashtun ethnic rights group called Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM).

“Geography changes, but ethnic groups don’t change. I was Afghan, I am Afghan and I will remain Afghan,” Dawar tweeted on Wednesday.

The tweet met with mixed reactions in Pakistan, with some backing the MP’s remarks while others criticizing him.

Twitter user Qazi Jalal said: “I am Pakhtun, I am living inPakistan, which give[s] me identity, place to live, I am loyal to this land and my coming generations will also inshAllah. I am very happy here , Proud to be Pakistani”.

“There is a huge difference between Afghani and Pakhtuns,” said Hans Masroor Badvi.

“I have this identity for millennia. Proud to be an Afghan. Anyome having an issue must live with it or be damned,” said Sangeen Khan.

“Afghan motherland gave birth to my ancestors, gave me culture, civilization, history, heroes and identity for thousands of years and we’re having right of our identity and are always proud of being Afghans,” said Sanna Ejaz.

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