Merkel Hails Recent Talks In Qatar On Afghan Peace

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the Intra-Afghan Conference on Peace in Doha and said that conditions of trust and cooperation for sustainable peace in Afghanistan are available. 

“Ultimately, there is an extended desire for cooperation and trust in the establishment of sustainable peace and stability in Afghanistan have been created. We appreciate the Afghan and American governments for their work on a political settlement which is moving slowly. I am fully confident that the meeting which was co-hosted by Germany and Qatar on Saturday give more strength to the peace process in Afghanistan,” said Merkel.

Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani said at the Fifth Annual European Anti-Corruption Conference in Kabul that now is the time for peace but added that peace should be inclusive and national-oriented.

Ghani said that the way to enduring peace in Afghanistan will be difficult if the current opportunity for peace not seized.

“This is the time of peace because conditions have been provided and should be used extensively. If this opportunity is lost, it will be a huge responsibility,” Ghani said. “Peace must be inclusive and it should involve all parties.”

Ghani said that there is a need to differentiate between negotiations and understanding, reiterating that it is only the government which can engage in negotiations with the Taliban.

While hopes for an end to the conflict in Afghanistan gather fresh momentum, Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement said that Nur-Sultan is prepared to host a meeting on Afghan peace.

“The neighboring countries have a crucial role to play in ending the war in Afghanistan and in achieving peace. I think holding such meetings in the region can be evaluated important to create regional consensus,” said political analyst Entizar Khadim.

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