Miller, Khalid Jointly Visit Some Army Soldiers

General Scott Miller, NATO Resolute Support Mission Commander, said on Friday that Ramadan and Eid days provide the opportunity to understand how to prevent the casualties of the civilians and reduce the violence.

Miller along with Assadullah Khalid, the Acting Minister of Defense, visited some of the army soldiers.

“I think you all have to be very proud of your security forces,” added Miller.

In addition to appreciating the Afghan Army’s efforts for minting the security during the Eid days, Khalid reported the measures taken for improving the security forces.

“We are here to see the soldiers’ situation and despite the small problems everything is good and we are doing our best for the improvements,” said Khalid.

Though the Consultative Peace Jirga and Zalmay Khalilzad expected the ceasefire with the Taliban, the Taliban group denied any ceasefire with the government and international forces.

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