NATO Envoy Sees Good Opportunity For Peace In Afghanistan

NATO Senior Civilian Representative for Afghanistan, Nicholas Kay, in an interview with TOLOnews said he sees a good opportunity for peace in Afghanistan and that in such a sensitive time, peace efforts should be expedited.

He said that in the meantime, involved parties should remain “patient” because reaching peace will take.

“Any opportunity for the Taliban to engage with fellow Afghans and to understand better each other’s perspectives is a good thing and this meeting of the Doha Institute was a logical further step along that line which was to develop the conversation between Afghans and the Taliban,” Kay said.

He labeled the Taliban’s spring offensive “disappointing” and said NATO and the Afghan government want the level of violence to decrease and that the group should not concentrate on fighting right now.

“Why would you (Taliban) want to have an offensive when the focus should be and is on peace talks?” Kay asked.

Kay said the upcoming presidential elections is crucial for the future of the country and that both elections and peace should be led forward together.

This comes as the scheduled intra-Afghan meeting in Doha was canceled due to issues around the list of the 250-member delegation prepared by the Afghan government and politicians.

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