Nine suspects arrested for bribery in Kabul

Tuesday 18, 2018

Kabul- Nine suspects including four police officers were arrested on charges of taking bribes from vendors in Kabul city.

Afghan National Police (ANP) succeeded to arrest nine suspects including four police officers in connection to taking bribe and extortion from vendors during operation in Kabul city, said a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Statement said that police identified and arrested suspects from Pul-e-Kheshti, Sepahi Gumnam, Kampani who were collecting daily 4000-10540 Afs and submitting to the police in charge of the area, added statement.

Statement said that in a separate operation police forces arrested two suspects, who collected 25000 Afs from vendors and planned to submit the money to police in charge of the area in 5th PD.

The dossier of indicts handed over to related military judicial organs for further inquiry, noted statement.

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