Pakistan is again violating human rights with impunity

By: Faheem Nazimi

October 19, 2018

As the standoff between PTM, the grass root non-violent, spontaneous Pashtun protection movement led by Manzoor Pashteen and the Pakistani military establishment continues, in the occupied Pashtun heartland, it has become a national issue with Pashteen demanding justice and equality and an end to Pakistan/Punjabi repression and bloodshed against Pashtun and other minorities, and the proper implementation of policies based on international human rights, that Pakistan has signed and pledged to uphold, as oppose the Pakistani military establishment that pays on head to their demands. Instead they continue to go on rampage violating all human rights conventions and basic human rights that are even enshrined in constitution of Pakistan against the Pashtun communities there. They have recently yet again resorted to a crackdown of the PTM activists and prominent members and harassed the PTM female members and activists including Gulalai Ismail, a prominent human rights activist, not to mention the arrest of hundreds of innocent Pashtuns without a trial, torture and forced disappearances and extra-judicial killings are the order of the day by the Pakistan Intel and Army forces. These are crime under the international law. PTM is simply asking Pakistan to honor the commitments it has made to human rights. That why the PTM leader called on all Pashtun right across the Pashtun belt and everywhere in the world to join in solidarity with PTM and the protesting teams on the 15th of October 2018 and all the human rights organizations around the world including amnesty international to stand with Pashtun people in solidarity for their human rights. All this cal-minted in the Pashteen’s call to protest against Pakistani military degradation of the Pashtun community.
MTM leader Pashteen’s call for staging protests and rallies was warmly responded by the Pashtun masses in the Pashtun homeland as well as Pashtun communities across the world, in Europe and in Afghanistan.

The massive participation of the Pashtun and other human rights defenders in the rallies across Pakistan and elsewhere chanting against Pakistani repression and human rights abuse and violation was a vivid demonstration of their solidarity with PTM, despite Pakistani sinister attempts to impede and discredit the movement by calling it as foreign instigated. They also have tried to accuse the movement as having ties with US, Afghanistan and India. Pakistani establishment has specifically challenged Mr. Pasheen’s ability undermining his overwhelming support among the Pashtun, Baluchi and Sindhi community members in Pakistan by calling him as impotent. The 16th October protest rallies have proved the Pakistani military junta wrong once again. They were put to shame. It proved that Gen. Asif Ghafoor, Pakistani Army spokesman’s assertions and challenge was baseless.

A demonstration staged in Kabul in support of PTM. Protesters urged the United Nations and the United States to press Pakistan to stop its crackdown against PTM.

Not only Pakistan, but Europe and Afghanistan saw solidarity and collective actions on the part of the Pashtun and human rights organizations. They all believe that is the way tyranny is overthrown. The participants of the rallies overwhelmingly chanted anti Pakistan slogans and demanded justice, freedom and equality for the Pashtun community and demanded the immediate release of the PTM supporters and activists arrested by Pakistani security during the recent crackdown. They called on the international community, the UN and international human rights organization to protect their basic human rights against Pakistan/Punjabi terror campaign and violence. They sent a clear message to the government of Pakistan that Pashtun people demand equality and freedom. They demand self determination. They demand respect for human rights. These are their rights. It is the right of every human being on this planet.

In Kabul too, Afghans and PTM supporters; despite the tense security situation prevailed in the run up to parliamentary elections in Afghanistan, they held a rally in which a number of human rights activists and supporters of the PTM delivered speeches condemning the recent Pakistani military crackdown of the PTM supporters and activists. They called Pakistan a terrorist sponsored state where Taliban and other terrorist groups are nurtured and spawned. They also called Pakistan a rogue country in defiance of all international laws including the international human rights. They called upon the UN and all other human rights defenders institutions and entities to stand in solidarity with PTM and send out their observers and peace keeping forces over to Pashtun communities to help protect these communities against Pakistani military atrocities and repression. One of the speakers at the rally Mr. Imtiaz Wazir, human rights activist and staunch supporter of the PTM speaking on behalf of the PTM leadership categorically rejected the Pakistan accusations and foreign involvement of the PTM. He said” PTM is a grass root, spontaneous, none violent human rights movement who is trying to defend Pashtuns human rights against Punjabi/Pakistani tyrannical regime. He warned Pakistan to stop harassing the PTM members and stop their repression against their community”. He also openly stated that they as member of the world community were desirous of equal partnership with US and India and brotherly relation with Afghanistan.” We reject isolationist policies in the wake of globalization turning the world to a village. We hope to forge greater and closer positive relations with our friends, including the US,” Imtiaz said. Moreover, Imtiaz Wazir called on the US led international community to dispatch peacekeeping forces and install UN or US led administration across the Pashtun and Baloch territories in Pakistan to end Pakistan’s terror game.

The participants of the rallies warned Pakistan to stop its bloodshed of the Pashtun at once or else face the music, as they are ready for all sorts of sacrifices and selflessness to go to war with the regime, If their plight is not resolved amicably and their human rights are not respected. They are all ready to obey orders from their supreme leader, Manzoor Pashteen whenever need be to pick up arms to smash and dismantle Punjabi travesty and free themselves from their repression, but the world must know that the Pashtun are peaceful people. They support peace and order, but they also believe that no tyranny will last forever. The Pakistani state will have its fall and the Pashtun people will soon be set free to decide their own destiny themselves.

The writer is an analyst, based in Kabul, Afghanistan

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