Pashtun Tribes Demand Freely Passing the Durand Line

January 21, 2019

Kabul- The Pashtun Tribes living on both sides of the so-called Durand Line (in Afghanistan and Pakistan) demand a freely passing the crossing-points.

In a public gathering at Torkham crossing-point township on Sunday, the tribal elders and youth called on the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan to unconditionally allow them to pass the line without passports and only with the national identity cards and Tazkeras.

They warned to close the Pakhtunkhwa highway, connecting Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, if their demand was not met by Kabul and Islamabad.

Any Afghan government and the Afghan Millat on both sides of the Line had never ever accepted the imaginary line, imposed by the British Raj over Indian subcontinent as permanent border with Pakistan.

According to experts of regional affairs and terrorism, revisiting of the Durand Line is must to correct the historical mistakes with Afghanistan and to end Pakistan’s terror game in the region.

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