Senate Speaker’s Advisor Arrested For Links With Terrorists

The Interior Affairs Ministry in a statement on Thursday said that Delawar, an advisor to Senate Speaker Fazl Hadi Muslimyar has been arrested on charges of “supporting and sheltering terrorists”.

The ministry said Delawar owned fake number plates, armored vehicles, guns, and many Pakistani ID cards.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that the Special Unit of the Afghan National Police arrested Haji Delawar during an operation on Thursday.

The statement further added that the police forces have also confiscated some fake documents, fake vehicle registration plates, illegal weapons, 700 thousand Pakistani ruppees, an armored Landcruiser and a Hilux vehicle.

The Ministry of Interior also added that Haji Delawar is in police custody and an investigation is underway.

According to reports, Haji Delawar was an adviser to the chairman of the Upper House of Parliament, Senate House.

The statement said that Delawar “had supported and sheltered terrorists”.

Muslimyar has not commented on this so far.

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