Senior Security and Defense officials visit Baghlan province

Senior security and defense officials from the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense visited Baghlan earlier today.

The Independent Directorate of Local Governance officials also accompanied the officials during the visit.

The purpose of the trip was to visit the new Afghan National Army Territorial Force’s (ANA-TF) newest operational kandak.

The ANA-TF provides a locally recruited, nationally trained and nationally led force that allows regular ANA units conduct offensive operations.

Addressing the troops in ANA-TF kandak, Deputy Interior Minister for Security Hosna Jalil said “The coalition forces aren’t going to be here forever, securing the area is our responsibility.”

Jalil further added “We need to use the systems in place to properly request more supplies, and listen to your civilians on their requests and what they need. In order for us to help you effectively, we need accurate reporting and transparency.”

Meanwhile, the Baghlan provincial governor Ahmad Farid Basim was very supportive of the newest troops.

He said “what you are doing is to help facilitate peace.”

Furthermore, the Deputy Minister of Defense LTG Iqbal Ali Naderi said the local recruits will have the MOD’s support.

LTG Naderi further added that “They will be fed and taken care of.”

He also added that “The ANA-TF commanders are ANA officers. These companies are for the people by the people.”

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