Sixth Round Of US, Taliban Talks In Doha Wrapped Up

The sixth round of peace talks between the US negotiators and Taliban members ended in Qatari capital, Doha, on Thursday afternoon, Taliban said in a statement. 

According to the statement, both sides discussed issues they agreed in draft in their fifth round of talks and that developments were made on some of them, not all the issues.

The key issues under debate were foreign forces withdrawal, ceasefire, counterterrorism assurances and intra-Afghan dialogue.

The two sides agreed in draft on counterterrorism assurances and foreign forces withdrawal from Afghanistan in the fifth round of the talks in mid-March.

Taliban said the sixth round of the talks were “constructive and productive”.

“The sixth round of talks, in total, were positive and both sides patiently heard each other’s views,” the statement reads.

The statement said both sides will discuss the issues on which developments have been made and also on the issues no progress was made and then will start another round of talks.

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