Suicide bomber hit ANA Mosque in Khost

November 23, 2018

Kabul- A suicide bomber blew himself in a mosque inside an Afghan army base in eastern Khost province, as Friday prayers were drawing to a close, killing at least 26 soldiers and wounding 57, the military said.

According to reports, the explosion on Friday targeted members of the 2nd regiment of the Afghan National Army, as they held their Friday prayers inside a military base.

Reuters reported that at least 50 people were wounded.

Sakhi Sardar, head of the hospital in Khost said most of the wounded were being treated for devastating shrapnel wounds.

The blast may have been set off by a suicide bomber or a remotely detonated bomb but nothing was officially confirmed and details were sketchy.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but the Afghan government claimed that Pakistan-backed Taliban were involved in the recent deadly attack in Kabul.

President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack as “un-Islamic” and “inhumane”.

The explosion came just days after a suicide bomber killed 55 religious scholars gathered in the Afghan capital, Kabul, to celebrate the holiday marking the birth of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.


Since the start of 2015, when local forces took over from US-led NATO combat troops to secure the country, nearly 30,000 Afghan soldiers and police have been killed, President Ghani revealed this month — a figure far higher than anything previously acknowledged.

That is an average of around 20 soldiers killed per day.

Keeping in view the higher figures of casualties, the Afghan government, despite talks with Taliban should be engaged in meaningful diplomacy with the United States and the rest of the civilized world to isolate the terror sponsor state of Pakistan and its regional allies, and force them to hit terrorists in their safe sanctuaries, beyond Afghanistan.

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