Taliban announced Mullah Baradar as Head of Qatar Office

January 25, 2019

Kabul- Media news were surfaced on Thursday that the leadership council of Taliban has appointed Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as head of the group’s Qatar office.

Citing a news document, Tolo News as saying, “TOLOnews received a copy of a document that shows the decision of Taliban’s leadership team to appoint Baradar as head of their Qatar office”.

Mullah Baradar was released from a Pakistan prison in October last year.

He was captured in Pakistan by the country’s notorious intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and US’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers in February 2010.

The new changes in Taliban’s team come amid talks between Taliban representatives and US officials.

Sources familiar with the Qatar talks said the US and Taliban have inched closer to ink an agreement on some issues, including discussions on a timetable for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, ceasefire and Taliban’s opposition to the so-called Islamic State and other terrorist groups.

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