Taliban Attack Is Crime Against Civilians

The Taliban attack on an international aid organization in Kabul which continued for six hours was labelled a crime against civilians as it was condemned by the government, the United Nations and the US Embassy in Afghanistan.  

President Ashraf Ghani in a statement said the Taliban once again showed they are against the will of the Afghan people, which was raised by 3,200 delegates at the grand council.

Ghani said the Taliban attack is an “unforgivable crime”.

“Taliban should respond to the Afghan people’s demand for peace; otherwise, they will be suppressed by the brave Defense and Security Forces of Afghanistan,” Ghani said in the statement.

The United Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) also condemned the attack and said it was deliberate targeting of civilians.

“Civilians are not a target. UNAMA condemns Taliban deliberate targeting of civilian aid organization, Counterpart International, in civilian area of Kabul. Today’s attack particularly deplorable, hitting civilians helping Afghans and taking place during Ramadan,” the UN mission said in a statement.

The US Ambassador to Kabul John Bass condemned the attack and said the targeted organization helps local communities, trains journalists and supports Afghan people.

“Strongly condemn Taliban attack against US NGO in Kabul today. The targeted organization helps local communities, trains journalists and supports the Afghan people. For this, it is the target of senseless violence. Thanks to Afghan Security Forces for rapid response,” Bass said.

According to the Interior Affairs Ministry, the attack ended at around 5:30pm after two attackers were killed by security forces.

Recent figures show that at least 15 people were wounded in the attack.

Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for Ministry of Interior Affairs, said that more than 170 employees of the International Counterpart were rescued by security forces during their operation.  The organization operates in Afghanistan since 2005.

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