Taliban-Daesh Clashes Displace Dozens Of Kunar Families

Dozens of families have been displaced after fighting intensified between Taliban and Daesh militants in Chapa Dara district in the eastern Kunar province, local officials confirmed.

The displaced persons said more families will leave their houses if they are not supported by government.

Chapa Dara District is located in the west of Kunar and shares border Nuristan province.

The residents said the area is witnessing clashes between Taliban and Daesh over the past few weeks.

“I left everything and left my house. I took my family and came here because of Daesh fight,” said Nizamuddin, a resident of Chapa Dara district, who has been displaced to Kunar’s center, Asadabad.

The displaced families are not living in a good condition, said Mohammad Jan, a Kunar resident.

“We left our house at a situation when Daesh militants had just arrived and we could not do anything but leave everything and seek a safer place,” he said.

“I left the area with my other brothers. We were displaced due to Daesh clashes,” said Shin Gul, a Kunar resident.

Meanwhile, Kunar official said they have helped at least 2,000 families who have been displaced due to the conflicts between Taliban and Daesh.

“People are in fear. They fear that Taliban and Daesh will start another fighting. I want to assure them that we will end this war and our clearance operations are ongoing and we will provide them the ground to return to their homes and we will try to prevent people from being displaced,” said Gul Mohammad Baidar, deputy governor of Kunar.

A United Nations report from December 2018 shows that a chaotic and unpredictable security situation, combined with a severe drought, has prompted an almost doubling in the number of people in need compared to this time last year, newly displacing more than 550,000 civilians and pushing 3.3 million into emergency levels of food insecurity.

The report said that 6.3 million people require some form of humanitarian and protection assistance including 3.7 million in severe and major need due to a convergence of factors arising from exposure to escalating violence, forced displacement, the loss of essential livelihoods and limited access to basic services.

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