Taliban Pushed Back In Kunduz: Officials

Taliban’s attack on Kunduz city from different sides which kicked off on Saturday, April 13, was foiled after reinforcements were deployed to vulnerable areas in the past three days, the Deputy Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Helaluddin Helal, who leads the Kunduz operation, said on Tuesday.

“Taliban wanted to capture many cities and districts. As you witnessed, they attacked Chahar Dara district and Kunduz city but their plan failed,” Helal told reporters in Kunduz.

Meanwhile, Kunduz Police Chief Brig. Gen. Manzoor Stanikzai said that almost “250 Taliban militants, including foreign nationals”, were involved in the attack on Kunduz city but they were faced with “strict resistance” by Afghan forces and their attack was “thwarted”.

Security officials have not given exact figures about casualties in the Kunduz clashes but provincial health officials said the fighting has left at least 18 people dead and more than a dozen other wounded.

The Kunduz city, in the north of Afghanistan, came under Taliban attack hours after the group announced its so-called spring offensive, local officials said Saturday this week.

The attack was launched on the outskirts of Kunduz city at 2am on Saturday, April 13, said Enamuddin Rahmani, a spokesman for Kunduz police.

Some families were displaced after the conflicts started, residents said.

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