US Forces Mark Memorial Day In Kabul

The US forces in Afghanistan who are serving under the NATO’s Resolute Support mission marked the Memorial Day at a ceremony in Kabul on Tuesday. 

The US Forces Commander in Afghanistan Gen. Scott Miller and the US Ambassador to Kabul John Bass also attended the event.

In a video message, the US Forces-Afghanistan spokesman Colonel David Butler said they also remember the sacrifice of Afghan security forces, who are fighting to defend the people of Afghanistan.

“Today, we celebrated memorial day in the United States. Memorial Day is a day when we remember the sacrifices of soldiers, the sailors, the airmen and the marine who have died in combat. We remember their names and think about them in memorial day in the United States. We did that here today too and we did it with our Afghan partners. We remember the sacrifices of the Afghan security forces,” Bulter said.

“We are fighting here to defend our country and we are fighting with the Afghans to defend Afghanistan. The Afghan people should be proud of the Afghan security forces. They fought so bravely in defense of the Afghan people,” he added.

The US war in Afghanistan is believed to be one of the longest war in US history. The eighteen-year long was has left thousands of casualties among the Afghan security forces and the civilian population as well as among the coalition forces and the prospect to end the ongoing conflict still remains vague.

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